Susan Braun R.N.

Susan Braun R.N.’s nursing background includes a broad range of experience in leadership and management. She was Employed Special Monitor for Patient Care and Safety to the Court Appointed Patient Care Ombudsman, the Bankruptcy Case: HOSPITAL ACQUISITION LLC. In that case she assisted in monitoring and reporting to the Court for the New LifeCare Long Term Acute Care Facilities. Susan led the effort at on and off-site review of documents and conducted intensive observations and interviews of all levels of clinical and administrative staff. At DISC Surgery Center, Newport Beach and Marina Del Rey California she served as Director of Nursing where she Assisted in opening and managing an Outpatient Surgical Spine Center, a provider of minimally invasive spine surgery.  Susan has served as senior nursing and clinical manager at large tertiary care hospitals and surgery centers. She served as the Lead Nursing Expert for the February 2020 Temporary Manager for Rose Garden Health Care Center and Legacy Health Care Center in Pasadena, CA