Making the Provider Better

Our partners share an ambition to improve access to the quality of health and welfare services.

Our Partners

Making the Provider Better

Our frequent collaborators at Agile Six, David Hoffman and Associates, Resolute Commercial, and other leading change agents share an ambition to improve access to the quality of health and social welfare services. As part of this effort we work with all of the provider’s stakeholders to build:

  • Knowledge that is better outreach programs employing state of the art social media and internet technology to make sure that all patients and beneficiaries know what programs are available them
  • Access that enables all those served by a provider to get into programs faster
  • Integration of health care with all types of social welfare programs to build wellness the patient and their family deserve
  • Accountability and Transparency that will inform the patient and beneficiary of social welfare programs of the commitment being made to them by providers and to provide the providers with timely feedback.

Learn more about our partners below:

David Hoffman

& Associates

Provide a proactive approach to compliance, viewing clinical and financial operations as well as clinical research programs through a legal lens to:

  • create a culture of compliance
  • conduct an evaluation to assess the degree of compliance
  • collaborate with the provider to develop a plan for compliance
  • identify organizational strengths and develop an action plan that helps organizations realize their fullest potential



Agile Six

Applications, Inc.

Agile Six is a full-service Web Development, Health IT, Gamification, and Cyber Security provider.

We partner with Agile Six primarily in the Veteran Health and Military Health communities to provide a technologist perspective.

Agile Six approaches the market with one clear ambition, to Improve the Lives of Veterans, Service Members, and their Families.



Resolute Commercial is the Premiere business advisory firm for the middle market.

Resolute discovers, develops, and implements the right solutions for complex business challenges that drive real results. Our innovative and straight forward approach has been utilized by financial institutions, corporations, law firms, state and federal courts, and trustees to maximize value across the country.