We Ensure Care Through:

Interim Management
Skilled Monitoring

What we do

Experts to the Experts, Seelig+Cussigh  HCO LLC (S+C) and its best of the best partners, provides a wide range of management, evaluation, and monitoring services to health care providers and governmental agencies. S+C is a team of professionals including clinical caregivers, which possess great expertise on the rules, regulations, and reimbursement rates that shape all types of health care providers. We are experts on and can rapidly intervene to:

  • Evaluate and then Temporary Manage or Monitor providers, payers, and healthcare and skilled nursing facilities
  • Protect patient and consumer confidential information, and when demanded Catalogue, Appropriately Distribute, and Destroy Confidential Patient Information
  • Set staffing and care quality standards
  • Audit and then report on how services are reimbursed and audited


Medical Records Access

S+C acts as Records’ Custodian for appointed cases. Click below to get the latest updates and access all required medical release forms for your clinic or facility.