Richard (Rick) Cussigh

RICHARD (RICK) CUSSIGH has extensive experience in hospitals and other health-care providers. Cussigh has been employed as consultant in the 10 cases where Seelig served as PCO or Consumer Privacy Ombudsman (CPO) and was appointed jointly as CPO in one Case. Cussigh has worked with all levels of management and staff at hospitals and numerous doctors’ clinics nationwide and has relevant experience in the management of medical records, Federal and State privacy regulations, and patient care monitoring systems.  Rick served as lead professional in both the Horisons Clinics and Justice cases, reviewing and then cataloging in each case over 1,500 boxes of medical records, which documented each provider’s treatment of over-50,000 patients. Based on his extensive experience as an executive and entrepreneur, Rick is often called on the consult on cost accounting, operations management, and strategic planning issues.  

Rick founded and led Transolutions Inc., Lake Bluff, IL one of American’s largest and most innovative medical transcription companies. Transolutions has provided transcription services to over 70 hospitals and has a US-based workforce in 45 states, which includes over 300 medical transcriptionists, clinicians, and technical staff. In January 2011, Rick successfully exited his investment in Transolutions, Inc. when Accentus, a portfolio company of High Road Capital Partners acquired it.

Prior to that, Rick was Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, DonTech, Chicago, IL a $550 million partnership between Dunn and Bradstreet (now RH Donnelly) and Ameritech (now AT&T), serving Ameritech Yellow Page Customers in Illinois and Northwest Indiana) where he led finance, administrative and information technology organizations.