Jerry Seelig

 Jerry is founder and CEO of Seelig+Cussigh HCO LLC (S+C), which provides a wide range of management, evaluation, and monitoring services to health care providers and governmental agencies. For health care providers and skilled nursing facilities in bankruptcy or victimized by fraud, Jerry’s team and he bring both the experience and skills needed to monitor the care given to patients, protect the interests of the patients and caregivers, while serving as a truly independent voice to the courts. Listen to Jerry discuss his approach to rapid intervention on the LTC Heroes Podcast. The firm has worked closely with and has time and again earned the respect of attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice, the States’ Attorneys General, The Office of Inspector General for HHS, State Medical Boards, State and local Health Departments, and other regulatory and monitoring agencies responsible for health and senior care. At S+C, Jerry is supported by a team of professionals including clinical caregivers, which possess great expertise on the rules, regulations, and reimbursement rates that shape all types of health care providers. Jerry has led his team in our efforts to:

● Monitor and review complex health care systems, as well as providers large and small. For the Courts and other parties, Jerry has led the effort to complete rapid and accurate reports with concise recommendations for quality and performance improvement,

● Serve as Interim Managers for providers, payers, and health care and skilled nursing facilities,

● Protect patient and consumer confidential information, and when demanded catalogue, appropriately distribute, and destroy confidential patient information,

● Set staffing and care quality standards,

● Audit and then report on all components of the provider(s)’ revenue cycle programs.

JERRY SEELIG has over the past 15 years served as interim manager, monitor, and other rapid-intervention leadership positions for troubled and failed health care providers. Read Jerry Seelig’s and David Hoffman’s op-ed in The Philadelphia Enquirer “A year into the pandemic: Nursing homes still deserve better.” On Feb. 4, 2020, Jerry was appointed by the California Department of Public Health as Temporary Managers for two skilled nursing facilities in Pasadena, CA; this is a rarely used effort by the State to use “State Health Facilities Citation Penalties” Funds to take over needed facilities to rebuild and then maintain quality resident care. In February 2019, S+C was employed as an Independent Monitor by the LA City District Attorney’s Office to provide oversight and quality improvement to a skilled nursing facility to ensure that the facility corrects multiple deficiencies in resident care and ends its program of dumping homeless residents. On May 8, 2014, Jerry was appointed Responsible Officer-CEO-Administrator for Primecare Nevada Inc. Dba Nye Regional Medical Center, Case No.: 13-BK_20348 – LED. Nye Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in its 150-mile primary service area and a sole trauma care response unit located halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Within one year, his team including current and former employees, experts from throughout the state, and the S+C team restored quality care and expanded Emergency Room and Primary Clinic services to the community. In March 2013, Jerry was appointed Chapter 11 Trustee for the Bankruptcy Estate of Genus Home Care, Inc. Case No. 6:12-30788-MJ. Genus provides home health services to severely disabled children and their families, within 30 days as Trustee Jerry was able to pay off all creditors and all administrative claims. 

Jerry serves as Consultant to the CEO of LA Care (the Largest Medicaid Managed Care Plan in the U.S.) for both the Verity bankruptcy and to develop Programs and Resources for Skilled Nursing, Congregant Care, Custodial Care and other community-based programs. Jerry is currently engaged with local community organizations and providers in an effort to coordinate better funding and programming to improve the quality of hospitals, clinics, skilled care and assisted living providers while concurrently expanding the shelter and health care resources for the mentally ill and homeless.

In May 2019, Jerry Seelig was appointed Patient Care Ombudsman for LifeCare Health Partners, an operator of 17 long-term acute care hospitals based in Plano, Texas [Hospital Acquisitions LLC]. Locally, Jerry was appointed as Patient Care Ombudsman on April 18, 2014 for Plaza Healthcare Center LLC, Lead Case No. 8:14-bk-11335-CB Chapter 11 (19 cases jointly administered). Plaza commonly referred to as Country Villa is a licensed operator of 19 skilled nursing facilities (including three facilities that provide sub-acute services) is primarily located in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Jerry has since the sale of the Assets to Rockport-Brius been involved with post sale issues as to license transfer and quality assessment and improvement. In total, Jerry has been appointed as Patient Care Ombudsman in 26 cases and as Consumer Privacy Ombudsman in six health care cases.

In September 2017, Jerry and the firm were employed as Medical Records Custodian for Horisons Unlimited, eight suddenly closed community clinics in Central California. S+C immediately cataloged over 1,500 boxes of patient medical information while managing extensive amounts of other materials, equipment, and waste. On Dec. 3, 2019 the Firm initiated a medical records distribution and destruction project for the nine closed Life Care Health Partners’ hospitals. Over the 5 years, the firm has completed two additional medical records projects involving over 100,000 patients.

Jerry previously worked with Rick Cussigh at Transolutions where he defined and built a strategic alliance with a large publicly traded health care information systems vendor to work with hospitals and doctors’ clinics to design and implement new medical records systems. He negotiated and completed a marketing and technology alliance with the leading hospital software company, Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN). Jerry also worked with Cussigh to manage and complete a management buyout financed by five sub debt funds. Jerry is a member of the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court Mediator Panel and has appeared on multiple state and local bar association panels and continuing education programs. Jerry has been interviewed on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal and a wide range of local newspapers and specialty publications. Read the firm’s has health care email Newsletter “Revitalize”. All issues can be found here. Jerry Seelig, David Hoffman and Louis J. Cisz, III, recently published: “Painful Impact of COVID-19 on the Troubled Skilled-Nursing Industry,” XXXVIX ABI Journal 9, 28, 64-65, September 2020. Jerry published with David Hoffman “PCO Appointment, Whose Facts?” in the March 2012 ABI Journal. Jerry published with Richard Cussigh, “Vital Considerations in the Ombudsman Debate,” XXVII ABI Journal 8, 32-33, 66 October 2008 and In Riverside Lawyer Magazine, Payers and Providers and FierceHealth Finance Jerry has published additional articles on the Safety Net health care system, patient confidential medical information and hospital bankruptcies. Jerry received a Bachelor of Urban Planning Degree from University of Illinois, Urbana in 1971, a Master’s degree with studies in Education, Economics and Social Policy from Harvard University in 1972 and Doctoral Studies in Social Work and Public Policy at the University of Chicago from 1977-80. S+C’s main office is in Los Angeles and we are supported by offices in Ann Arbor and Philadelphia.